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Myrtle Ave El Lutheran ROW Photo Page 3

Fresh Pond Road

Fresh Pound Road was a grade level station and interchange with trolley lines.

A new incline was built at Fresh Pond Road to the existing surface ROW and has remained as such since 1915. 

Fresh Pond Road in 1955

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The ground level Fresh Pond Road station under wire

This is how the station appeared in 1914

Construction of the El Structure at Freshpond Road
Gate car El coming into Metropolitan Ave
The first time I rode on the line in 1956. It was my first Time Traveling experience as I watched in awe as a train of gate cars pulled into the station. Then, the conductor opened the gates. The passengers departed the train. Then, I stepped onto the open platform of the car gazing at the wrought iron railings and looked down at the link and pin type (Tomilson) coupler trying to absorb as much of this experience as I could in a couple of seconds before the conductor closed the gate and the train moved out of the station for a most enjoyable trip to the end of the line.
The Last Myrtle Ave El train at Metropolitan Ave
The decked Q cars ended the last Elevated railway service in Brooklyn in 1969.
A view of the Palmetto St structure from Nickloas Ave.
The incline is to the extreme right
Looking down the incline to the Palmetto St structure under construction
Forest Ave Station under wire in 1913

The photo inscription reads:

No. 15.

Lutheran Cemetary Connection

Present station at Forest Avenue, from intersection of Putnam and Fairview Aenues

June 17, 1913


Map of the Lutheran ROW
A fan trip om the LIRR Evergreen branch passing under the El
The LIRR Evergreen branch and the Bushwick RR were connected at one time
Fresh Pond Road substation and yard building
The new Palmetto St Structure
The new Palmetto St Structure
The incline remained in use until the new structure was connected to the Wycoff St station structure which was also being rebuilt into the three track two island express station format.
Construction of the Seneca Ave station